Android App of the Day: Monopoly

Monopoly for Android is available now — and it’s Joey Kelley’s pick for app of the day. It’s not free, but pass Go and you’ll get a virtual $200 …

Who doesn’t love Monopoly? Monopoly for Android is yours for the taking at the Android Market. It isn’t usually free — this classic will set you back $4.99 except on days it’s featured as a free app on Amazon or the Android Market — but when you pass Go, you do get $200.

Don’t like my pick? Go to jail. Go directly to jail.  Do not pass Go. Do not collect $200.



  • Going to have to see if I can get this going on the Nook Tablet – my daughter’s career as a slumlord and/or railroad tycoon begins today!

  • There is a version for free on Apple’s App Store, and on Amazon’s App Store. The only one with paid-only options is the Google App Store. Kinda strange.

    On the Kindle Fire it is clearly using some of the same code as the iPad version.

  • Yes, I saw it was free for a day on Amazon’s store — I tried to find it for free last night when I was looking at Joey’s story — but only could find pay links. Do you have a link to the free version, Eric?

    A great app choice — and unbelievable that Parker Bros hasn’t changed the prices on those properties since the 1930s : )

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