Android 4.1.2, The Next Nexus Device, Chromebook Review: Attack of the Androids

Android 4.1.2 updates are rolling out. LG on the next Nexus device. All things Android on AotA with with Mat Lee, Shane Brady and Joey Kelly–and guest Ant Pruitt.

This week on Attack of the Androids, the panel eats a little crow as it’s now looking like LG will have the next Nexus phone for the Android platform. Also, Android 4.1.2┬áhas been released to the ASOP folks. Just how important is the 10-inch tablet these days? Shane Brady shares his review of the Samsung S550 Chromebook.

These topics and, of course, app picks, are all featured this week. It’s Attack of the Androids with hosts Mat Lee, Joey Kelly and Shane Brady with guest host Ant Pruitt.