Week in Review: Our Top Stories for February 12–18, 2012

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Apple’s Mountain Lion was announced this week — and we have some questions.

Apple OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion: Will Your Old Mac Run It?

Several old Apple Mac desktop and notebook computers that rely on old Intel GMA processors will likely be out of luck — find out if yours is one of them. Even if you don’t think pre-2010 is “old.”

So does our gossip extraordinaire

Apple OS X 10.8 Issues, Dish for Sale and YouTube: Sid Shadow
The Shadow knows all — he’s our source for tech rumors. And as he says, they’re not rumors if they’re true.

Apple OS X Mountain Lion: Five New Changes

Josh Windisch shows screenshots of five changes you can expect.

Freeware and Gadgets — We got ’em!

Silly rubber iPad holderApple iPhone and iPad: Five Accessories I Can’t Live Without
As an industrial designer, our Phil Baker says he never gets bored looking at the Apple iPhone and iPad accessory designs manufacturers come up with. He chooses his favorites.

Freeware Friday: Vizualize.Me for a Better Looking Resume by Jeremy Lesniak

Android Freeware App of the Day: Pinball Deluxe by Joey Kelley

The best video podcasts — John C. Dvorak’s X3, Leo LaPorte’s This Week in Tech and Todd Moore’s Tech 411

John C. Dvorak X3: “A Day Made of Glass 2” — Video of the Week
Corning’s new version of a world with touch-sensitive transparent monitors and display walls made of — well, Corning Glass, of course — is something to see, for sure.

Apple iPad3, Google TV, Angry Birds: Tech 411 with Todd Moore

Todd Moore and Oscar Santana’s weekly podcast on tech news

John C. Dvorak X3: More Anonymous Hacks
John C. Dvorak and co-hosts Andrew Eisner and IT pro Joe Engo talk about hacker group Anonymous and its recent hack and release of some Symantec source code.

John C. Dvorak X3: Social Media More Addictive Than Alcohol? Really?
Is social media more provocative and addicting than alcohol? It’s hard to pour a drink when you’re staring at a screen.

Facebook, Twitter, Apple iPad 3: TWiT with Leo Laporte
John C. Dvorak, Robert Scoble and Shira Lazar join Leo to talk Apple iPad 3, Facebook vs. Twitter and more.

Apple iPhone 5, iPad 3 Rumors, Path Problems: Tech 411 with Todd Moore
This little show sure packs a lot of punch.

And check out these How To galleries from our Brian Burgess.

Windows 7: How To Display Downloads on the Start Menu

Apple: How To Show Hidden OS X Files and Folders

Windows 7, 8: How To Use Disc Image Burner

How To Make Outlook 2010 Your RSS Reader

Our Gina Smith finds the best infographics in her spare time

Shutterstock: Global Design Trends
Wow, is this one dense with info.

Google+ : Guys, Gals and a Gang of Geeks from Bangalore
Now you know why Gina is such a Google+ enthusiast.

And the Best Host for Your Website Is …
Rackspace provides this handy-dandy infographic to help you decide.

And we had videos galore this week.

Google: Self-Driving Car Legal in Nevada
Watch this self-driving car drive around a course and meet its inventor, now (no surprise) at Google.

Ice Hockey Humanoid Robots: Only at the University of Manitoba
Enough said.

Apple: A Newer, Smaller iPad In Testing (WSJ Video)

Smaller, cheaper — now Apple is developing an Amazon Kindle killer, from the looks of it.

Rocketboom on air personality talking about G+
And here’s the best Google+ feature video EVER — republished here at aNewDomain — thanks to RocketBoom. Great stuff.

Apple: 30 Second Design Gallery
Contributor David W. Martin points us to this fun and fast-paced 30-second video — a tour of Apple designs over the years. Very cool.

NASA: Space Station Residents Share Experiences (video)
It even includes that astronaut-flautist you probably read about in the news awhile back.

We LOVE space stuff here at aND, in case you haven’t noticed by now.

The Last Mainframe at NASA: OFF For Good

NASA: Pic of the Day: Oldest Recorded Supernova

Look Up: Mars Goes Aphelion Tonight, February 15, 2012
Oops, you missed the Aphelion! — That’s why you should subscribe to aNewDomain.net : )

We really have Apple covered.

Apple iPad 3: 2048 x 1536 Retina Display Too Risky?
These displays aren’t easy to make. And there are likely huge yield issues.

Apple’s Ken Segall Thinks Different: Writes a New Jobs/Apple Book
But this one is about the design aesthetic that drove Jobs and drives Apple still — or so we hope.

Apple, Twitter, Path Under Fire in Contactgate: Apple Blames Developers

Apple CEO Tim Cook: Factory Conditions in China Must Improve, Monthly Reports To Come

Street scene in Hong Kong showing giant billboardsWhy U.S. Tech Companies Heart Chinese Outsourcing: Industrial Designer Phil Baker

Our very own industrial designer-author Phil Baker talks about the real advantage China has in industrial design and production — and explains why Apple and other large companies outsource there.

And that’s not all: Check out these great stories that ran on aNewDomain.net this week:

Barry Diller Backs Aereo: Live TV Hits the Net

Twitter, American Express: Small and Medium Biz Owners Register for Self-Serve Ads Tonight

Dino Londis: On Bullet-Proof Laptops For Angry, Geeky Dads

Valentine’s Day: Google Doodle, Unrequited Love Animated

Google Juice: Google, Disney, Apple Lead Top 20 Social Brand Lineup

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