Amazon Kindle Fire: How To Save Images You Find Online


Here’s how to save images to your Amazon Kindle Fire — and view them via its Gallery app.

Saving web images to your Kindle Fire is as easy as it is with your Apple iOS device. Here’s how to save images via the Kindle Fire’s Silk browser — and how to view them in its Gallery app.

From the Home screen tap Web to open the Silk Browser.

home screen

Start browsing around the web, to find an image you want to save. Here’s a cool shot of Bucky Balls from an article Gina wrote.

find img

Tap and hold the image until you see the following menu come up. Tap Save Image.


If you’re on a home page of a site, you get a larger menu. Tap Save Image.


Now from the Home screen, to view the images you saved, just tap Apps. Then tap Device. A list of all installed applications appears. Tap Gallery.


A list of thumbnails of the images you saved appears. Just tap any one of them to see it full size.


The Gallery apps lets you zoom in and out on the images you saved.


Tap the menu button to get other basic features to rotate, crop or create image slide shows.


The Gallery app is basic and there other other image-tweaking apps available. But to save and display basic images – Gallery works just fine.