Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos: He Owns the Web in More Ways Than You Think (Wired, Steven Levy)

Photo source: Nigel Perry in Wired

Killer piece on Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos — by Steven Levy in Wired.

This just in from tech journalist and author Steven Levy at Wired. I love his work. This piece on Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos as Amazon prepares to dive into the tablet market with the Amazon Kindle, especially rocks. Source: Wired

Photo source: Nigel Perry in Wired

What I’m about to show you,” Jeff Bezos says, “is the culmination of the many things we’ve been doing for 15 years.”

The CEO of, in regulation blue oxford shirt and jeans, is sitting in a conference room at his company’s spiffy new headquarters just north of downtown Seattle. It is mid-September, exactly one week before he will introduce a new line of Kindles to the world. He has already shown me two of them–one with a touchscreen, the other costing just $79–but that’s not what’s truly exciting him. It is a third gadget, the long-awaited Amazon tablet called the Kindle Fire, that represents his company’s most ambitious leap into the hearts, minds, and wallets of millions of consumers … full article at Wired.