Macworld | iWorld 2012: Gina Smith and John C. Dvorak On What To Do Today at Macworld

Pictured above, aNewDomain founders John C. Dvorak and Gina Smith at Macworld | iWorld 2012: Here’s a lineup of Thursday’s show events.

That’s me and John C. Dvorak — we’ve got a packed day here at Macworld | iWorld 2012. On the docket:

Thursday, January 26 details:
Exhibit hall hours: 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Mobile Apps Showcase #818
OS X Zone #228
Macworld Live Demos #752

Music, Art and Film

11 a.m. A conversation with author and geek Susan Orlean
11 a.m. Appalooza: Top 25 iPad 2 Apps for social media
1 p.m. The making of South Park
2 p.m. Superfly presents the creators.
5 p.m. Macworld | iWorld Rapid Fire 15-minute topics

***7 p.m. Olive Exclusive Premier – AMC Metreon Screening of the first full-length feature film … shot on an Apple iPhone ***

8 p.m. to midnight: Evolve @ Mezzanine, showing performers applying Macs to vintage instruments for new sound … sounds like I’ll be there.

If you are at the show reading this, send me your pics and I’ll print them with your byline and a courtesy credit. You own them still …

See you at Evolve!


  • the 8pm gig “performers applying Macs to vintage instruments for new sound” sounds REALLY interesting. I’m a music geek at heart as well so I love the fine art being shown off.

    -RAP, II

  • Are you here +ANT? I would’ve loved to have captured that on video/audio? Did you get a reporting. I am a music geek at heart, too. I was hoping Jordan from Dream Theater would show … gs

  • You guys think it is cheesy for me to post pics of our team at aNewDomain at the show? LMK and I will stop. Above, that’s John C. Dvorak and me. The show is decent — it is easy to navigate. A little disappointed in today’s Appalooza app event. It DID say the TOP apps for iOS to be fair, but it would be nice to have seen something different from regular old apps we all know. I mean, they had SKYPE as one of the selected top apps. Okay. Now that have you done for me lately? LOL

    +Ant Pruitt if you are at MacWorld, say so. We should have coffee tomorrow.

  • Oh no, Im not fortunate enough to be able to take trips like that. That’s why I depend on covrg from you all. :)

    Pls continue to post as you normally do with regards to content. Your posting of staff/team pics aren’t cheesy in my opinion, even though an avid TWiT, X3, Rev3, and (former) Cranky Geeks viewer like myself already know what most of you look like. It’s cool seeing pics of you all “in the moment “, allowing for readers to sense the feel of the specific event.

    thnx, lady!

    -RAP, II