Rapid Technology: 3D Printers Are Behind the Transforming Toy Cube

If you ever wondered about the utility of 3D printers, check out the transforming toy cube, above. Our Todd Ogasawara catches it on video.

Honolulu: 3D printers are capable of helping companies design some pretty amazing real world objects. The video above shows one example — this from Rapid Technology. It is an articulated toy cube that will split open.

It’ll transform through various shapes back into a cube, too.

Here’s a close up. The level of detail and the tolerance levels for the transforming toy are remarkable.

Photo credit: Todd Ogasawara for aNewDomain.net


A 3D printer was behind this polar bear sculpture, too.

Photo credit: Todd Ogasawara for aNewDomain.net

ADDENDUM: The plans to create the toy using a 3D printer can be found here on Thingiverse: Screwless Cube Gears


  • Wow, Todd, can you get in a little more detail about how this worked. Just 3D blueprints. Could we try this at home ; )

    Are there project templates teachers with 3D printers in the classroom have. Very interesting piece.

    • Interestingly enough, the answer is “yes.” My friend (Emil Reyes) noted that the 3D design is available for free. I will get the information about where to find this. The trick, however, is being able to create/print the piece at the small size seen in the video & photo at the tolerances required for the smooth action seen.

    • Will do, Gina! Emil is traveling this week. However, I’ll check in with him and his team after he returns and record a video of what is involved.