Trey Ratcliff: Towering Ships at Disney, Photo of the Day 07.03.12

Written by Trey Ratcliff

It’s Trey Ratcliff’s photo of the day for July 3, 2012.
So I am not one with the cruising culture … and I was shocked and entertained to find out that such a deep subculture exists.

And it was in this environment I found these two great Disney ships docked together in Mexico. This was a Big Deal. It was just cool to see two huge ships together over a narrow dock … more here at Trey Ratcliff’s stuckIncustoms.

Photo credit: Trey Ratcliff


So I got down to the end of the pier and aimed the 14-24 pretty high. There’s no way to get around the “leaning lines” — but that all adds to the overall effect. And, believe, me, standing down there, you feel the immense weight of them all about to topple over.
If you look up at the Disney Fantasy on the right, you can see where the waterslide juts off the edge of the ship…

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