Apple, RIM, SOPA, Google in 2012: Ranting Roundup with Eric Mack

In his first ranting roundup of the New Year, aNewDomain’s executive news editor Eric Mack isn’t going to try to predict the year ahead for you. What is he, a psychic? But he has a great idea of what won’t happen with Apple, RIM, Google and SOPA in 2012. It’s aNewDomain’s Ranting Roundup with Eric Mack.

I won’t waste your time with predictions of what WILL happen in 2012 to Apple, RIM, SOPA and Google in 2012. But here is what definitely will not happen.

My first ranting round-up of 2012 is below.

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  • Glad you’re feeling better and Happy New Year! I’m Robert and happy to hear that SOPA in its original form is not going to happen. Were such the case that SOPA would happen in it’s blatant violation of due process form, it would be the equivalent of a Mayan apocalypse come true. Don’t mess with DNS!.