Toolbox: The 10 Best Medical Marijuana Infographics

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Written by Gina Smith

How do you convince hard-core medical marijuana opponents to look at the science first? Add these 10 great medical marijuana infographics to your argument arsenal …

aNewDomaingina-smith gina smith will donald trump give the finger to cannabis donald trump legal weed trump views on cannabis weed jeff sessions attorney general troy dayton — No one knows for sure whether Donald Trump’s pick for attorney general, Jeff Sessions (R-AL), will attempt to kill off recreational legal weed sales in the eight U.S. states that now allow it.

But what of medical marijuana? Isn’t science in its favor?

That may not matter to Sessions or the other appointees who are headed for Capitol Hill. Most of these ultra-conservatives don’t even recognize the mounds of scientific evidence behind global warming, and that’s the biggest threat going. So why would they buckle on their anti-cannabis stances?

Then again, and this is a long shot, but maybe the legions of anti-science zealots that Trump has selected for his cabinet aren’t anti-science at all. Maybe they are just intimidated by science. Or easily bored. Maybe they don’t read that well. Or maybe they just hang out at fake news site or only read celebrity news. That’s the thinking behind my roundup of the best climate change infographics last week. And it’s why I present to you now a roundup of 10 best medical marijuana infographics to help you take on opponents of legal medical weed, too.

First up: Check out the simple simple medical marijuana infographic below. It lays out the arguments for and against medical marijuana use in an even-handed way that even someone like Sessions should be able to appreciate …

Medical Marijuana infographics


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Next up is this beautifully-designed infographic, which rounds up what it calls “10 little-known facts,” does a great job of diving into the evidence around the benefits of medical marijuana in an accessible, non-threatening way …



“Getting well isn’t all about getting high,” says the Cannabis as Medicine infographic, “but it can help.” That’s the subtitle of the next infographic, which handily details how various injestion methods may or may not influence medical cannabis benefits..

medical cannabis infographic


The next infographic I selected for this roundup is couldn’t be simpler. It’s the 10 Major Health Benefits of Marijuana infographic, which derives data from such sources as the National Institutes of Health and The Scripps Institute.
medical marijuana

On a similar vein, here’s the short but sweet Potential Therapeutic Uses of Medical Marijuana infographic.


Does medical marijuana reduce healthcare costs? Historically, it has added up to significant Medicare savings, according to the stats presented in this medical marijuana infographic, below.



If you live in the San Francisco Bay Area — most of our staff and nearly half of our readers here at aNewDomain do — check out the below infographic, called Herbal Mission: Best Medical Marijuana Strains in San Francisco. Well done.


Looking for stats on clinical trials that won’t blind your typical anti-science conservative with more science than they can take. Then try this medical cannabis infographic, below. It rounds up medical cannabis data from

medical cannabis clinical trends medical marijuana


This next medical marijuana infographic addresses the benefits of legal medicinal weed for senior citizens. Well done.

senior citizens medical weed


I saved my favorite one for last. It’s the Truth Behind Medical Marijuana infographic …



Got a great science-themed infographic you think we should feature here at aNewDomain? Just email me.

For aNewDomain, I’m Gina Smith.