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Windows: How To Turn Off Keyboard and Mouse Wakeup During Sleep Mode

Brian Burgess
Written by Brian Burgess

This feature is handy if you want to easily get your system out of Sleep Mode. But, the slightest movement of the mouse or even a cat walking on the keyboard will wake it up.

aNewDomain — If you put your computer in Sleep Mode when you’re not using it, by default you just need to wiggle your mouse or tap a key on the keyboard to wake it up again.  But the slightest movement of the mouse or even, say, just a cat walking on the keyboard will wake it up, too. That gets annoying.

These steps will prevent anything other than the power button from awakening your computer.
First start with the mouse. Click Start >> Control Panel. Click on Mouse.

Stop Computer From Waking Safe Mode 1

On the next screen, select Power Management. Uncheck the option to Allow This Device to Wake the Computer.

Click OK.

Stop Computer From Waking Safe Mode 3

Now for the keyboard your cat walks on at night. In Control Panel, click Keyboard.

Stop Computer From Waking Safe Mode 4

Keyboard Properties comes up. Select the Hardware tab. Click Properties.

Stop Computer From Waking Safe Mode 5

Next select the Power Management tab. Uncheck the option Allow This Device to Wake the Computer. Hit OK.

Stop Computer From Waking Safe Mode 6

That’s it.  Now neither your mouse or keyboard will wake your system from Sleep Mode. You’ll need to press the computer’s power button to wake it.

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Brian Burgess

Brian Burgess

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  • Aldante


  • John N

    Hi – I have a new DELL Laptop running windows 8 and the Power Management tab is not there but an Event tab is on both Mouse and Keyboard – So something is different !!

  • Purdlator

    Hi I have a Logitech wireless keyboard, is there any way to stop it from sleeping?
    Not the computer sleep mode, the keyboard itself.

  • uygar10ur

    I wish that worked. It did once but for some reason, now it doesn’t and it’s really annoying.

    • uygar10ur

      After some digging, I have found why: For anyone that has a Logitech wireless keyboard and mouse combo, according to Logitech, the only way to prevent the mouse from waking up your computer is to disable the wake in power management in both the mouse and the keyboard. That is unfortunate because I for one want to be able to wake up with the keyboard but not the mouse. If anyone has a solution for that, I would be interested in hearing it. My Unifying mouse or keyboard wakes the computer even when it is set not to – Logitech FAQ


  • Iva

    I don’t have this option in the Keyboard Properties – theres no Power Management! I want to disable waking with keyboard on my laptop, please help!

    • farha

      control panel > keyboard > hardware > properties > general > change settings > power management

  • Thank you. I like to know that a cat waking a win8.1 computer is a common thing.

    • Indica Sativa

      More than you can imagine lol

  • Gabrielle williams

    The boxes are unchecked for the mouse, but it still keep waking the computer… why?