TWiT with Leo Laporte: John C. Dvorak Joins aNewDomain

On TWiT, cohost John C. Dvorak hinted at his joining Today we welcome John to our Board of Directors and begin running his podcasts and vidcasts. Welcome JCD and thanks, Leo!

A great TWiT with Leo Laporte as always. Early on the show yesterday, cohost John C. Dvorak hints at his joining aNewDomain. Today, it is official.

ANewDomain announces Dvorak’s appointment to our board of directors — and that many Dvorak podcasts begin running today on our site. Thanks, John, and welcome. Thanks for plugging our great coverage of the Carrier IQ debacle — and our investigative piece that shows CIQ is certainly not, as it claims, just tracking performance data and not logging data. Semantics.¬†Sheesh.

An exciting project and great to have you on board as mentor, colleague, friend and pundit : ) Leo and I cohosted a national talk radio show for decades — I inherited it from John, ironically — and I count them both as great friends and mentors. Welcome JCD!