Who Is Thomas DiMassimo? Actor, Student, Serial Protester …

Thomas DiMassimo
Written by Gina Smith

For Donald Trump, the timing was perfect. Police today arrested Ohio actor and civil rights protester Tommy DiMassimo after he rushed Trump on stage in Dayton, an event that appears to support Trump’s widely criticized claims that his protesters are “dangerous.” So who is this guy?

aNewDomain — The man arrested today for attempting to rush billionaire Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump on stage is a serial protester, a Wright State University student and an actor, Thomas DiMassimo’s Facebook and Twitter accounts suggest.

Screen Shot 2016-03-12 at 8.17.11 PMWhatever DiMassimo’s motives, the incident couldn’t be better timed for the Trump camp.

Trump has been under fire by his opponents and the media for seeming to incite violence against mostly peaceful protesters at increasingly rowdy campaign rallies.

In recent days, Trump has responded by blaming “dangerous” protesters who “throw punches” for the violence.

Screen Shot 2016-03-12 at 4.01.54 PM Tommy DiMassimo

Enter Tommy DiMassimo.

DiMassimo, 22, is an actor, according to his posts on Facebook. He appeared most recently in the role of Stanley in a local production of “A Streetcar Named Desire.”

Screen Shot 2016-03-12 at 8.02.56 PMHe also appears to be somewhat of a serial protester.

Posts show he has marched in support of black victims of police violence in Ferguson, MO, and that he frequently circulates petitions for a wide swath of causes.

Screen Shot 2016-03-12 at 3.56.46 PMFrom DiMassimo’s social accounts, it also appears he supports Democratic primary candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders.

Ever since the incident today, Trump supporters and protesters have been wildly speculating about who DeMassimo is and what his real motives were.

An hour after the arrest, some right-leaning conservative blogs posted stories claiming that DiMassimo is affiliated with ISIS, painting Trump as a would-be victim of international terrorism.

Some Trump opponents on the social nets are on the opposite extreme. Some go so far as to suggest that DiMassimo was an actor the Trump campaign hired to prove Trump’s claims that protesters at his rallies are dangerous.

On DiMassimo’s Facebook account, at least one user has posted the term “sellout” all over various posts in his timeline.

Tommy DiMassimo
DiMassimo’s Twitter feed reveals he was “scared” as he waited in line to get into the rally — and that he was looking for support just as he was “bout to you know what.”

DiMassimo has been charged with disorderly conduct and inducing panic, according to Montgomery County Jail records.

He is scheduled to appear in court on Monday.

On his Twitter account, DiMassimo posted an image and this message to @RealDonaldTrump:

F&*& You Bitch.

For aNewDomain, I’m Gina Smith.






        • I’m not sure you can confirm much beyond he seems to be a very angry and unstable individual in need of psychiatric care. However, anyone who subsists off the proceeds from a private trust fund is likely the opposite of a “communist.”

          • Younger people from wealthy families backing socialist and communist causes is not unusual at all. They figure if their parents are stupid enough to give it to them, they are more than happy to use those funds to ” promote the cause “, as long as they themselves don’t have to suffer much.
            The black guy at University of Missouri that went on the so- called hunger strike and got the protests all ginned – up there came from a family where the father made several hundred thousands of dollars a year, and this father was paying all his son’s bills at the school that he had been attending for 7 years or 9 years ” trying ” to get his degree.
            Then this guy went on a so – called “‘hunger strike where he said he did not eat for something like 6 days, and the President of the university was ” so worried about him dying “, etc. & etc, & etc.

            I’m calling BS on that one.
            I once went 5 days without eating anything, and jogged 4 miles 3 times during that period, and didn’t really feel that bad at the end. I could have made it a few more days with no food if I had wanted to.
            I doubt if this guy even went a single day without food.

          • “A very angry and unstable individual in need of psychiatric care. ” You just described every Democrat I know.

    • I’m in total agreement with that, hence his choice of being an actor. He must be craving stardom in any form whatsoever, including lawlessness! A protester he is not.

  • Democrats and many Republicans want to take away your right to free speech,…at rallies or even on the internet….Don’t let them!

    • If wussy boy there wants to make a political statement, let him have his own rally, instead of interfering with someone else’s.

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  • His mother works for Kasim Reed, commie dimocrat mayor of Atlanta. 32, still in college, no wife or kids. If he is not a fruit he missed a damn good chance.

  • By the look on his face, the dude looks like he needs some Metamucil… bad.

    No really… just take a look at the photo of him walking next to the veterans after he desecrated the flag. He looks like he’s about to go number 2… or at least trying to.

  • The person who he shoved out of the way yo get to the stage should file assault charges. The Secret Service agent who had his nose broken should also sue the little turd. make sure he spends some time in prison and starts out his career in a big financial hole.

  • garden variety italian boy. They’re terrible people most of the time. Lie, cheat, steal, spoiled rotten. It’s ridiculous and disgusting. I don’t understand why it’s tolerated.

  • Looks like a typical Bernie Sanders pusher. Fat ass white kid with nothing to do all day. Nice man tits kid. His parents a garbage for raising a POS like him to be the pussy he has become. However, I’d love to meet him alone one day – you know to discuss the issues. :) I’d make him cry.

  • Fat, hairy, gross, anti-American, self-loathing, entitled leftist. But then, I’m being redundant.

  • Rich white guy from Georgia living off politically connected mommy and daddy’s money while living at college A.K.A. the 13th grade. Faux activist for attention, been in movies and acting since he was a little boy. He will be the face for the faux liberal/real totalitarian globalist bullies of America. I though he was well into his thirties as well, even without the beard. Shocked to hear he is twenty two years old. What a douchebag!

  • He has a great life and fears envy. This is all envy deflection. Practiced by most in hollyweird