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Apple April 1 Anniversary: History of Apple (est. April 1 1976)

Here’s a shot of the Apple I. Apple inventor and co-founder Steve Wozniak invented this DIY computing kit circa 1975. Soon after, Wozniak, his boyhood friend, the late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, and investor Ronald Wayne officially incorporated as Apple Computer Corp. on April 1, 1976 — thirty-seven years ago.

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baby using an ipad 3

Apple iPad 3: No One Needs It, But It’s a Great Illusion

Apple released its third generation iPad today in San Francisco — but our Paul Bonner says Apple has just re-iterated his still valid question with this iteration. That is? Why does anyone need a tablet? They don’t, Bonner says. But there’s a difference between want and need, which reflects Steve Jobs’ ultimate triumph as a […]

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HTML5 vs. Flash Games (infograhpic)

Flash just won’t die, despite the emergence of a worthy competitor in HTML5 and years of scorn from the likes of Steve Jobs. Click through for a nice graphical look at how the competition between the two platforms is shaking out in the gaming world from

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Steve Jobs File

Steve Jobs FBI File: Full 191 Page Document Here

Former president George H.W. Bush ordered the FBI to investigate late Apple cofounder and CEO, Steve Jobs, back in 1991. The FBI says the White House was considering Jobs as an appointee on the President’s Expert Council. Here’s the 191-page FBI folio on Steven Paul Jobs. Jobs

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Steve Jobs: Macworld Keynotes Year by Year

Steve Jobs will be sorely missed for his iconic Macworld keynotes over the years, particularly since he returned as a turnaround “interim” CEO in 1997. Here’s all the keynotes he made from 1997 on. It is an amazing adventure to watch him grow in confidence and how the tech improves geometrically year after year. Take […]

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