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NASA Kepler Discovery: Three Habitable Planets? Discovery, Video, Infographic

Click here to view NASA’s news conference regarding the Kepler space telescope’s latest discovery of three potentially habitable planets — exoplanets in habitable zones — in two newly discovered planetary systems. The three planets are closer to Earth’s size and cllme than others so far discovered. Scientists discovered seven new exoplanets in all today. Developing. […]

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twit with leo laporte this week in tech with leo laporte

CES 2013 Leo Laporte TWiT with our John C. Dvorak and Jerry Pournelle, CES of Yore …

On This Week in Tech (TWiT) for January 6, 2013, you’ve got a CES 2013 Leo Laporte commentary and a retrospective on the ghost of CES shows past. Dynamite show including’s own Jerry Pournelle and John C. Dvorak as guest co-hosts. Also co-hosting is the ever erudite Clayton Morris. Download and, even better, subscribe […]

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