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John C. Dvorak on NSA Spying: Are Americans Now the Enemy?

On revelations that the NSA calls U.S. citizens “adversaries,” John C. Dvorak is outraged. Is America really the enemy? Of whom? Here’s who to vote out now. commentary. John C. Dvorak co-founded aNewDomain and discusses these issues and more on his program with Adam Curry, The No Agenda Show.

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John C. Dvorak on Google I/O 2013: Worst Keynote Ever

John C. Dvorak has seen a lot of keynotes in his career. But the opening keynote at Google I/O 2013 was the worst one ever, he says. Here are all the reasons why, beginning with the lack of announcements, dorky demos and … the repetitive use of one stupid word. Commentary. It’s John C. Dvorak […]

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