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Promoting a New Book, Site or Service? Crowdlaunch Takes Off

aNewDomain — When my biz partner, aNewDomain cofounder John C. Dvorak, gets behind a new tech or service, I pay attention. This time, John is focusing his sights on a new service called Crowdlaunch.IT. He’s even launching his new sci-fi book there. I’m an author, too, so I took a look. As it turns out, […]

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John C. Dvorak: Today’s Agenda (No Agenda Show 602)

In his regular missive to listeners, aNewDomain co-founder John C. Dvorak tells you what to expect on today’s No Agenda 602. From discussions on Twitter in Turkey to shots fired in the Ukraine this weekend, it’s all here. The No Agenda Show with John C. Dvorak and Adam Curry is coming your way — today.

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