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Olympics 2012: Jerry Pournelle on the Blade Runner

South African double amputee became the first double amputee in history to race in the Olympics. Do you think the Six Million Dollar Man would be eligible for Olympic events? Could he have played Olympics basketball? Should he be allowed to? At the Summer Olympics 2012 Games in London last week, South African double-amputee Oscar […]

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Meet Gina Smith: Cofounder and Editorial Director

Gina Smith is co-founder with John C. Dvorak, Jerry Pournelle and the best tech pros and journalists around of A career journalist — she also is a three-time CEO, a three time editor-in-chief, a NYT best-selling author and a former member of a private equity investment partner group doing VC incubation. Gina’s been covering tech since Sam Whitmore assigned her […]

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Google Chrome Extension: Cloud Save Freeware

Everyone in my geek circle uses Google Chrome or Firefox. Rarely do I hear of people using Internet Explorer. I love Google Chrome’s look, feel, functionality and extension variety.  Then I discovered Cloud Save. Chrome users can with cloud storage accounts such as Amazon Cloud Drive, Google Drive, or Box easily upload items found on web pages […]

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