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BlueAnt Ribbon Bluetooth Streamer: Elegant Design, Amazing Price (review)

Our reviews editor Sandy Berger sees a ton of gadgets, services, software, hardware and apps. It’s rare she finds one so well-designed and priced that she recommends it without equivocation. The BlueAnt Ribbon Bluetooth Streamer is the exception. She raves about its bang for the buck sound quality, functionality and elegant design. Here’s why.

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Ten Terrific Tablet Tasks: Carpentry, Cooking, Remote Access, Lighting and More

Need a carpenter’s assistant? A new security system? A second monitor? Our Mike Olsen has 10 terrific tasks your tablet will do if you have the right app. Here’s everything you need to know about 10 tablet tasks — we bet you never even considered some of these — that will change the way you […]

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Ingress Hacks, How to Use Vine: Tech 411 with Todd Moore, Ant Pruitt Guests

Interested in Ingress hacks? You need Android for that. Our Android geek Ant Pruitt joins Tech 411 with Todd Moore and Oscar Santana this week to geek out on Android news. Also on the show, how to use Twitter Vine on Apple iOS, rooting ROMs in Android and more. How to Android and Apple iOS […]

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Apple iOS Needs Parental Controls

Dear Tim Cook: Letter from an American Dad, Apple iOS Parental Controls

It isn’t easy being a parent. Being a parent to a kid with an Apple iPad and iPod is an order of magnitude tougher. Our Alan Wallace is an iDad writing a letter to Apple CEO Tim Cook. In his open letter, Alan asks for specific changes and improvements to Apple iOS parental controls. And […]

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Snapseed Homescreen

Mike Olsen: Snapseed Review and How To Use it to Max Out Your Smartphone Pics

Bored with Instagram’s filters? Who isn’t? Enter Snapseed. A fresh new way to quickly and powerfully take your smartphone pics up a notch with powerful, but easy to use tools. Snapseed review with how-to gallery inside. Available for Apple iOS and Google Android devices.

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