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LinkedIn Age Requirement Updated, Bad Idea?

LinkedIn is a great social network to connect to other professionals and share ideas. LinkedIn has recently updated its user agreement allowing younger teens to join the services. Ant Pruitt shares his thoughts and comments on this update.

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Data Dealer Puts Your Data Value in Perspective, NSA PRISM in Reverse — Anyone who wants to understand privacy as a commodity needs to play  a game called Data Dealer. The free online game won first prize at the recent annual Games for Change award show. It won’t create real Angry Birds style addicts. But it will make you extraordinarily literal as to the data value market — […]

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Viki Reed: On Why Teen and Tweens Ditch Facebook for Tumblr — As teens and tweens continue to desert Facebook in favor of microblogging platform Tumblr, our Viki Reed provides some perpective on what, how and why. I remember the day I first considered using Facebook. It was 2006 and I had just heard about 17-year-old Ashley Qualls of Detroit — arguably the first teen online millionaire as a result […]

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