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technow august12 2012 w gina smith Producer: Brian Burgess

Olympics 2012: Tech Now w Gina Smith, Games Close

The whole team’s been following the Summer Olympic 2012 games in London hard for you these last two weeks. Meanwhile, I’ve been attempting to lock down a lighting kit, trying too be patient with having to continually reset my MS Lifecam’s autofocus settings to OFF everytime I power my system down. At any rate this […]

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ebay same day shipping

eBay Same Day Shipping? Tech Now w Gina Smith 08.06.12

Another pilot of Tech Now w Gina Smith. It launched for real — one to two minute video on top tech story of the day with written and spoken analysis. Suggestions welcome. And let us know what you think about eBay Now, available now for registration for San Francisco residents.

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Summer Olympics 2012: How and What Acer Tech Powers the Games

Ever wondered who supplies and runs the backbone of the technology at the Summer Olympics 2012 games? Who controls the complex information system for the event and handles things like competition scores? And what tech is required exactly? The answer, again, comes from Acer. Acer was the official Worldwide Partner of the Winter Olympics 2010 […]

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