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T-Mobile Jump Changes: TechNow with Gina Smith, 15.02.14

Gina Smith
Written by Gina Smith

The news for Feb. 15, 2014 — it’s TechNow with Gina Smith for In the news, serious changes for T-Mobile Jump customers … — T-Mobile Jump customers are about to get some happy news. As of February 23, say T-Mobile execs, Jump subscribers will no longer be stuck waiting six months before upgrading devices — if they’ve paid about half of the device’s value.

If they’ve paid off half the value — or pay half now — they’ll be able to upgrade as often as they wish with no waiting periods at all. Plans are about to see some critical changes. Customers will, however, still have to pay their $10-a-month fees.

For, I’m Gina Smith. Here’s my short news hit about it for aNewDomainTV …

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