Apple Textbooks, Google+ Aliases In, RIM CEOs Out: Ranting Roundup with Eric Mack

The long romance of RIM’s two CEOs is over. No, not like that. Add Google+ pseudonyms and Apple’s new digital textbooks and you’ve got a rant from our news editor Eric Mack. It’s the daily tech news Ranting Roundup for January 23-24, 2012 .

The long romance of RIM CEOs Mike Lazaridis and Jim Balsillie is over. No, not like that. Pseudonyms on Google+ and Apple’s new digital textbooks also are in today’s news. And they’ve got me ranting again. Here I go.

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Eric Mack

Eric Mack is aNewDomain's news editor and senior editor at GroovyPost. He's been covering tech off and on since the 1990s when not roaming from Alaska to Asia. He also contributes to CNET, BYTE, PC World, Edmunds and NPR.

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  • Good job pronouncing those co-CEO names, in “tragic and romantic style.” LOL LOL. Too bad your well of mockery is running dry. Heins rhymes with pines : ) LOL Meercats! Low brow tech news for today … a new standard is set, Eric!