Tom Sloan: Thinking Out of The Box [cartoon]

Thinking Outside the Box

It’s tricky to think outside the box but still follow the rules of the game.

aNewDomain — This is based on a true event that happened to my neighbor, Jean Harris. She was in a wood carvers group and made sure her carving fit inside the box — across the diagonal from one corner to the farthest corner. In the real story, though, some of the other contestants complained it was cheating.

Thinking out of the box — genius or extreme hacker?

thinking outside the box

Cartoon: Tom Sloan

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Tom Sloan

Tom Sloan has drawn cartoons and illustrations for numerous publications — including the original BYTE magazine. Not limited to print, Tom’s cartoons and collages are displayed in museums and galleries around the United States. He’s also an accomplished animator. He’s created animations for such as clients Sesame Street, HBO, Nickelodeon, Captain Kangaroo, Romper Room, Burger King and McDonalds.