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Jeremy Lesniak is managing editor at Email him with story ideas and job inquiries at

Based in Duxbury, VT, Jeremy Lesniak is an IT pro. Over the last 15 years, he spent serious time in the IT trenches, which led to his founding of Vermont Computing, Inc. Now he’s managing editor at

How did a nice guy like Jeremy get wrapped up in a bunch like this? Jeremy was on teamBYTE, one of dozens of editors and tech geeks who relaunched that property and migrated here after launch. He’s now diving deep into tech and writing wicked How-to galleries. Based in Vermont, he lives for those short summers, when you’ll find him him hiking or on his motorcycle.

Email Jeremy at and follow him @jlesniak. He is +Jeremy Lesniak on Google+

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Jeremy Lesniak

Based in Central Vermont, Jeremy Lesniak is Managing Editor at aNewDomain and the founder of Vermont Computing. Previously, he was senior editor and a member of the BYTE relaunch team. Email him at and follow him @jlesniak or find him on Google+

  • Couldn’t do it without you, Jeremy. Every hard core team needs a New Englander cracking the whip 🙂 gs

    • What a natural you are in the video medium, Jeremy. Don’t let the networks steal you from us! LOL

  • Jeremy Lesniak

    Thanks, Gina! I couldn’t be any happier to be part of this insanely awesome team you’ve put together!

  • Ian

    Amazing you can do Vermont Computing so well AND still have time for this terrific work here. I am now convinced you are indeed cloned. I knew it all along. There’s just no other way you could do all this and do it so well.

    P.S. can you give me the e-mail addy of your cloner?

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