Ted Rall: To Donald Trump and Fans, This Is What The World Looks Like

Ted Rall column The Trumpie
Written by Ted Rall

This is what the rest of the world looks like, through the eyes of Trump and co, says Ted Rall. Behold. [Cartoon]

aNewDomain —¬†Behold, the worldview of the incoming Trump Administration and its acolytes, as seen through this parody of a legendary magazine cover illustration.

Ted Rall column The Trumpie

Cartoon: Ted Rall 

For aNewDomain, I’m Ted Rall.

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  • Ted,i’ll respond to10 points you attempt to make in your cartoon. 1)great Wall should read 10.0… 2)putin should be bowing to Trump…3)Trump cabinet ,military experts in cabinet advising,instead of Obama disregarding all advice from military experts…4)wet water thing, purer than ever,ted,do you really think that Republicans what to drink dirty water and breathe toxic air?5)you are right silicon Valley is going to be on fire after trump cancels all the anti business regulations…6)shoul should make the fox news building bigger,with viewership and advertising plummeting at the liberal media they with probably be closing thier doors within Trumps term…7)Goldman Sachs building should be bigger also,ted,move some of the blacks you have stranded in the field,closer to Goldmans,because the blacks are going to have money to invest…8)Tiffany building should be the tallest, if I need to explain i might as well be banging my head against a wall…9)put democrat Robert bryds name above kkk…10)twitter will be taking over the bottom half of the building…LAST future site of Trump thing is going to be filled with thank you notes from all sectors and races of Americans till it overflows into 6th ave…thanks howard smith Ormond Beach Florida