Meet Gina Smith: Cofounder and Editorial Director

Written by Tom Ewing

Gina Smith is co-founder with John C. DvorakJerry Pournelle and the best tech pros and journalists around of

A career journalist — she also is a three-time CEO, a three time editor-in-chief, a NYT best-selling author and a former member of a private equity investment partner group doing VC incubation. Gina’s been covering tech since Sam Whitmore assigned her the Microsoft OS beat in 1988 at PC Week. At the time, she was covering the cop beat in Miami and writing tech manuals on hard disk installation for OEMS.

Many of our team’s editors, artists, photographers, podcasters and award winning journalists worked together to relaunch BYTE a year ago July 11, 2011. In September, Gina and John C. Dvorak decided to do it again — this time as an independent venture focusing on deep tech and deep tech culture.

Brian Burgess wondered what in the world you would call a new domain, and was born.

Who is Gina?

One of America’s best known commentators and tech journalists, Gina is a New York Times best-selling author and multiple award-winning investigative science and tech journalist. She wrote with Steve Wozniak his memoir iWoz: How I Invented the Personal Computer and Had Fun Doing It. (Norton, 2005). In the 1990s, she was a fixture on national TV and radio, as well as a syndicated tech columnist, explaining computers to the masses.

For three years she was CEO of the world’s first true Internet appliance company, so far ahead of its time, Larry Ellison’s The New Internet Computer Company. Our COO and acting CFO at AND — David Street– was Gina’s partner as they launched the first Network Computers.

You can now find one at the Computer Museum.

Gina’s book on the decoding of the human genome, The Genomics Age, was a 2006 Barron’s Book of the Year.

An award=winning investigative journalist, Gina was the first technology correspondent on national TV with daily and weekly appearances on ABC’s Good Morning America, World News Tonight with Peter Jennings and Nightline with Ted Koppel for most of the 1990s.

Gina was the longtime host of the national radio show On Computers with Gina Smith and Leo Laporte (independently syndicated by Ren Vara), a five hour radio talk show taking computer questions for five hours in dozens of US cities and internationally in the early to late 1990s. She later hosted a worldwide network three-hour weekly call-in talk show Connected with Gina Smith for the ABC Radio Network. Both won several broadcasting awards.

She is a two-time Pushcart Prize nominee for her work in short fiction and mini novels.

Her book, Steve Wozniak’s memoir iWOZ (WW Norton, 2005), is a NYT best-seller and has been translated into nearly two dozen languages. Her book on genomics — The Genomics Age (Amacom, 2004) — was a Barron’s Book of the year in 2005. Her most recent book, penned with former AIG London chief Herta Von Stiegel, is The Mountain Within: Leadership Lessons for Your Climb to the Top. (McGraw Hill, 2011).

She wrote 101 Computer Questions You Need to Know (Ziff Publishing) with TWiT’s Leo Laporte.

Gina is a veteran original launch team member of CNET, ZDTV, ZDNET, E3, ZDTV, E2 and Wired.

Gina’s articles and columns have regularly appeared in the MIT Technology Journal, CNET, Wired, PC Week, PC/Computing, The Los Angeles Times, Popular Science and many other outlets online, on the air and in print. She has served on the board of University of Southern California’s School of Engineering and currently serves with Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales and Andrea Weckerle on the non-profit against online reputation bashing,

Gina was named one of the 100 Most Influential People in Technology by Upside Magazine in 2001. The ex columnist and regular ABC News overnight host is now Editorial Director here at Her hometown in Ormond Beach, FL, shown below. Courtesy: Google Earth.