The Donald Trump Paradox: Ted Rall Cartoon

Donald Trump

Donald Trump is under fire for making racist remarks about Mexican people, but there’s a paradox here that everyone seems to be missing. Ted Rall cartoon.

aNewDomain — Donald Trump is under fire and losing business for racist remarks about Mexican people. But do the presidential candidate’s words and insults matter more than lives? U.S. President Barack Obama is responsible for the murders of innocent people every day, and no one seems to care about that. Strange but true. Strange but true: Donald Trump, the political clown, real estate mogul and presidential candidate, is being pilloried and losing business for racist remarks about Mexican people. However, Obama murders innocent people every day, yet no one cares. Words obviously matter more than lives.
Donald Trump cartoon: Ted Rall exclusively for SkewedNews and aNewDomain

For aNewDomain and SkewedNews, I’m Ted Rall.

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