Medical Cannabis Wars in the News: YouTube All Coverage

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Written by Gina Smith

With New Jersey opening its first medical cannabis dispensary today and big legalization news in Hawaii and Arizona, Brian Pike rounds up YouTube videos and digs into the controversy.

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No matter where you stand on the hot button medical cannabis legalization issue, you know today was a huge news day for those who follow the controversy. Arizona this week began issuing marijuana cards by lottery — and immediately faced flack from Attorney General Tom Horne (R-AZ).

Today in New Jersey, the first medical marijuana dispensary opened its doors.

Also today, a Federal Court judge in Honolulu today denied for the seventh time bail for Rev. Roger Christie, a polarizing figure charged with allegedly possessing and distributing marijuana to members of his church.

Not everyone is up on this issue. Here’s a great collection of YouTube videos to catch you up on the nationwide and international medical cannabis debate. Check them out below.

Here’s a really beefy piece that sums up both sides of the issue on MS-NBC.

This documentary sets out to shatter what its physicians call myths around medicinal cannabis and its effect on humans.

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Here’s a video documenting the case for medical marijuana research on humans who suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

This is a must-see. Veterans debate medical marijuana for PTSD, particularly as it relates to Iraq War veterans.

Classic. A debate over marijuana legalization — as U.S. Representative (D-TN) Steven Cohen grills FBI Director Robert Mueller. This gets intense.

The following three documents speak directly to such fundamental freedoms as religious freedom and human rights.

The United States Bill of Rights, 1789
The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, 1948
United Nations World Charter on Nature, 1982

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