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NASA Kepler Discovery: Three Habitable Planets? Discovery, Video, Infographic

Click here to view NASA’s news conference regarding the Kepler space telescope’s latest discovery of three potentially habitable planets — exoplanets in habitable zones — in two newly discovered planetary systems. The three planets are closer to Earth’s size and cllme than others so far discovered. Scientists discovered seven new exoplanets in all today. Developing. […]

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Name the New Pluto Moons Contest: SETI Rules, How to Play, Vote and Infographic

Here’s where and how to vote for names in the new Pluto Moons naming contest by Seti. Deadline is coming up. See if you can think out of the box — our site will — and come up with non-traditional names for the write-in ballot. I’m thinking Steve and Steve. Or Google and Apple, names […]

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Live Feed International Space Station Crew Return: Photos, Blogs

Here’s the live feed of the International Space Station crew return of three members of its current expedition 33/34. The returning crew members include commander Sunita Williams. She handed over control to astronaut Kevin Ford. Check out the live feed and the growing photo gallery here.

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Exoplanet Super Earth Infographic, Major Discovery: Carl Sagan Was Right

Scientists have located an enormous, Earth like exoplanet — it’s at just the right distance from its star that it could support life we know it. Could it have life on there? Could Scientists are calling the giant plant orbiting dwarf star HD 40307 — about 44 light years away — a potentially habitable super-Earth. […]

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interplanetary internet shot

NASA DTN Protocol: Interplanetary Internet, How It Works, What LEGOS Have to To With It

Vint Cerf, developer of the IP protocol, created the BP protocol driving the DTN protocol behind the Interplanetary Internet. Here’s how BP differs from TCP/IP and why the Internet will benefit from developments of the Interplanetary Internet, all in the news now. Deep tech dive. Happy weekend!

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