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My First Mac: Winning Essays Here (Contest for iWoz Book, Media Creds)

On the Apple Macintosh’s 30th birthday, editor Gina Smith asked her circles on Google+ to write My First Mac essays, stories or poems. Any style. Winners here … and we’re taking entries all day long. Click inside to see where to send your entry and to find out how to win the signed iWoz book […]

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Jerry Pournelle: Why the Original Mac Just Didn’t Cut It

Today is the Mac’s 30th b-day. But Jerry Pournelle never glorified that original 1984 Mac. It was hot, slow — a toy. The late Apple CEO Steve Jobs was infuriated with Jerry and refused to admit the Mac needed help. But the Mac caught up with Jobs’ vision. Just in time. Here’s Pournelle with more […]

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