Politics Got You Down? Try Camo Live Masks for the Presidential Debate

Camo for Live Masks for Presidential Debate

Here’s our app of the day: Camo Face Masks for the Presidential Debate. Available now for Android and iOS, it lets you wear a live, 3D animated Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton mask as you video chat. And that’s not all …

aNewDomain — If you’re depressed or anxious about the US presidential election, join camo live masks for presidential debate the club. But here’s a way to blow off some steam: During the third presidential debate Wednesday, try Camo Live Masks for the Presidential Debate.

Available now from Kiwi Technology on iTunes and GooglePlay, this is a free app that uses a camera and live 3D face tracking technology to precisely fit a 3D animated Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton mask to your features during live video chats.

But you don’t have to stop there, says Ben Low, who reps the app. When we asked, he was full of all sorts of ideas for turning Camo into some serious presidential debate fun.

“People can record and send videos of themselves as Donald and Hilary to their friends and family,” Low suggests. “They can take videos of themselves quoting some of the candidate’s most famous (or infamous) sayings.
“And by having two people in the camera frame and only putting the mask on one of the faces,” they can take a photo with Hillary or the Donald — or conduct a whole mock interview with one of them,” Low added.
If you ask me, some people need to lighten up about all this election madness. That’s why Camo Live Masks for the Presidential Debate is my selection for app of the day.
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