Bitcoin 2013: How to Mine Your Own Bitcoin infographic

And now we’re hearing that Winklevoss Capital is setting up Bit Instant to be the site to manage, buy and sell Bitcoins. Breaking. Check out the How to Mine Your Own Bitcoins infographic. — Bitcoin, that digital currency so much in the news lately, is the focus of a new event. So our Madison Andrews and Mat Lee created our own infographic — it’s Bitcoin 2013: How to Mine Your Own Bitcoin.

UPDATE: We’re hearing that Winklevoss Capital is setting up BitInstant to be the site to manage, buy and sell Bitcoins. Breaking.

Bitcoin 2013: The Future of Payments kicks off this weekend, May 17 through 19, in San Jose, Calif.



We’ll cover the news as the Bitcoin 2013 conference gets underway at the San Jose McEnery Convention Center. If you haven’t registered already, do so soon. Today is the last day to register for this first ever Bitcoin event. The price of admission is $300 — or 2.7 BTC.

Scheduled attendees for Bitcoin 2013 include Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss, the venture capitalists behind ConnectU. They sued Facebook creator Mark Zuckerburg for $140 million.

Gavin Andreesen — lead developer for the Bitcoin digital currency project — will be speaking at the event, as well as Dennison Bertram, Ben Davenport, Brian Armstrong and Fred Ehrsam — co-founders of the hosted Bitcoin wallet Coinbase — and Rainey Reitman, who is activism director of the Electronic Frontier Foundation. Click here for a complete list of speakers and panelists.

Bitcoin enthusiasts will also be able to attend several ancillary events planned for this weekend. There will be a donation-based, GigaOm Bitcoin Meetup tomorrow from 6 – 9 p.m. hosted by GigaOm and Ribbit Capital. RSVP here.

There is also a Star Trek into Bitcoin 2013 outing planned for Friday, May 17 after the conference.

And the Bitcoin Fund US After Party will be going on from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. at the Loft Bar and Bistro. That’s just two blocks from the convention center.

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