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Shane Brady: Google Chromebook In-depth Review

You need a portable personal machine, you want something that’s light, capable and features long battery life. You also want something that’s great for the things you do online. Shane Brady’s in-depth review here. Find my long-term in-depth review below.

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Shane Brady: Amazon Cloud Player Overhaul

I was an early adopter of Amazon’s Cloud Player because the initial music options for Android were lacking. So I uploaded all my music to Amazon and, largely because I’d purchasing MP3s from Amazon’s store, it was a neat ecosystem to be in. I’d since moved on to Google Music because of the deep integration […]

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Android Audio: What I’m listening with

When Android diehard Shane Brady heard that iOS 6 will spin off the podcast portion of iTunes into its own app, and subsequent chatter that it’s a move to dominate streaming and audio downloads, he has this to say: Android users are ahead of iOS when it comes to audio. Find out why he thinks […]

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