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DARPA Grand Challenge 2004 - Photo Credit: Russ Johnson

Autonomous Robots in the Desert: DARPA Grand Challenge 10th Anniversary

This week, robotic car nerds and grease monkeys will celebrate the 10th anniversary of the first DARPA Grand Challenge, which offered a million-dollar prize to anyone who could create an autonomous robotic vehicle that could steer its way from Barstow, California to a casino near Las Vegas without human intervention. Like a tumbleweed, our Russ […]

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Santa on Mt. Everest

Nine Tiny Reinyak: Holiday Greetings from Kathmandu

Long before podcasting, travel editor Russ Johnson was posting audio stories to his web magazine His travel pieces were also featured on the old Real Networks. On the day before the night before Christmas in 1997, Russ was on a filming assignment in Nepal for the UN and, gasping for breath, shouted his holiday […]

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