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Jerry Pournelle: Why the Original Mac Just Didn’t Cut It

Today is the Mac’s 30th b-day. But Jerry Pournelle never glorified that original 1984 Mac. It was hot, slow — a toy. The late Apple CEO Steve Jobs was infuriated with Jerry and refused to admit the Mac needed help. But the Mac caught up with Jobs’ vision. Just in time. Here’s Pournelle with more […]

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On the Cuban Missile Crisis: Jerry Pournelle Remembers

On the Cuban Missile Crisis: Jerry Pournelle Remembers — Our Jerry Pournelle worked at Boeing Advanced Planning in October 1962 and had access to U.S. intelligence information. He was asked to think about the unthinkable…dirt bags and all. October 16 marks 50 years since the Cuban Missile Crisis stand-off between the former Soviet Union and […]

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Olympics 2012: Jerry Pournelle on the Blade Runner

South African double amputee became the first double amputee in history to race in the Olympics. Do you think the Six Million Dollar Man would be eligible for Olympic events? Could he have played Olympics basketball? Should he be allowed to? At the Summer Olympics 2012 Games in London last week, South African double-amputee Oscar […]

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