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Apple iOS 7 Changes: Great or Suckage? Debate Rages

With all the new Apple iOS 7 changes — mainly its new multitasking — there are some big UI changes that will drive some folks nuts. Here are the biggest hassles the iOS 7 changes bring. And some raging back and forth with our mobile experts on the team who, quite clearly, think I’m full […]

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When Millions are Minions: Mobile Empire infographic

You’re one of its millions of minions. Get used to it. It’s the Mobile Empire infographic. Will Wintel soon be a memory? Amazing infographic with a ton of facts to explain what happened and how — how it happened so quickly — and what’s next for the future of Android vs Windows and mobile computing. […]

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Meet Joy Ma: Exec Editor at

Meet exec ed Joy Ma. A vet tech editor, Joy goes way back with us. Gina and Joy worked on the gaming pub E2, the 1990s media play that created E3. A runaway, accidental hit : ) Startup Junkies Unite. Email Joy at

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