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Social Media in Emergency Management: The Digital Public Information Officer — You probably know how social media helps in emergency situations. Especially during and after disasters like Hurricane Sandy, Hurricane Isaac and the Connecticut school shootings. Social media is a powerful tool for public information officers (PIOs), too, if they know how to use it.   Even so, there’s a continuing debate about social media […]

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Jintronix: Medical Science Meets Video Games

Just when I thought video games couldn’t possibly become any more interesting, I read a story that showed me so much more is possible today with the technology available in the gaming space. Jintronix is that example of  how motion-based gaming technology can assist medical science. So, what is Jintronix? Jintronix is actually a small software startup […]

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Valve: Teach With Portals Release

Edutainment ala the old Reader Rabbit, Oregon Trail and Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? is so 1990s. Meet Valve. It’s taking game tech-based education to a whole new level with its new Teach with Portals platform. Valve’s Teach with Portals of course is based on the popular Portal series. It challenges you to complete a series of puzzles in order […]

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