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Red Cross Digitial Operations Center Photo Credit: (American Red Cross)

Social Media in Emergency Management: The Digital Public Information Officer — You probably know how social media helps in emergency situations. Especially during and after disasters like Hurricane Sandy, Hurricane Isaac and the Connecticut school shootings. Social media is a powerful tool for public information officers (PIOs), too, if they know how to use it.   Even so, there’s a continuing debate about social media […]

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Red Cross Hurricane App: Review

Here in the U.S. we’re in the middle of Hurricane Season — it ends Nov. 30, 2012 this year. The season’s been off to a bit of a slow start over the Atlantic but, as we on the East Coast know too well, it’s typically the later months of summer that bring the most devastating storms. […]

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jintronix in action

Jintronix: Medical Science Meets Video Games

Just when I thought video games couldn’t possibly become any more interesting, I read a story that showed me so much more is possible today with the technology available in the gaming space. Jintronix is that example of  how motion-based gaming technology can assist medical science. So, what is Jintronix? Jintronix is actually a small software startup […]

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Valve Does a 180: Valve Steam on Linux Ubuntu a Go

Valve just did a 180. I told you earlier this week that Valve is on a new product announcement tear. Well they keep on coming — and the latest dirt is that the new tech coming has everything to do with Linux and gaming. Nice trick! Told you. Back in April, I reported based on this […]

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greenlight splash

Greenlight: Valve’s New Indie Game Community

Valve has been having a great month with its Steam side of the business.  With good news comes more good news, as they say, and here is no exception. Valve reps say the firm is rallying the indie game developer community with a service it calls Greenlight. Greenlight is a community that will feature indie developer […]

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Digg Sale Confirmed: Giant in News Aggregation Sells for $500,000

In a late-week surprise, the Wall Street Journal confirmed that the new-media company Betaworks has come to terms and closed on a sale to buy Digg.  More shocking is the rumored sale price is estimated to be no more than $500,000 total for the Digg intellectual property, website, and associated technology. In late 2004, Digg was […]

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CLANG: Neal Stephenson Wants to Build a Video Game

So, you may be asking yourself, “What is this CLANG and why does Neal Stephenson want to build a video game?” And to that we have a few witty, yet informative answers: 1.) CLANG is a video game concept that Neal Stephenson, you know the guy who writes all those really awesome cyberpunk and historical […]

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Game Collection Auctioned on eBay for $1.2 Million

Hailing from southern France, the owner of Gaming Heaven has put together a game collection that might very well be the largest in the world.  Boasting thousands of unopened, factory-sealed games from every Nintendo game system, every Sega system, and every NEC system ever made this collection is mind-boggling. Just about any game geek would […]

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Valve: Teach With Portals Release

Edutainment ala the old Reader Rabbit, Oregon Trail and Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? is so 1990s. Meet Valve. It’s taking game tech-based education to a whole new level with its new Teach with Portals platform. Valve’s Teach with Portals of course is based on the popular Portal series. It challenges you to complete a series of puzzles in order […]

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