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Dino Londis

  • Dtannatt

    Be careful she’s got a knife!

  • jephfoust

    Wife: “Honey, are you still doing our taxes?”

    Husband: “um, er, uh, yeah.”

  • Milan Lazich

    “Honey, have you finished going over those figures yet?” “Not even close, dear.”

  • Greg Hollingsworth

    Honey, Did you finally beat Zork?

  • Jewelzshmuelz

    “Stay calm. She doesn’t know.”

  • A Guy

    Finally! The porn revolution is here!

  • Stephen MacDougall

    For the man who has everything, but wants more out of life. Let the Apple II set you imagination free.

  • Dan Phillips

    The first computer to support one hand typing. 

  • The new iNag, or the new iDream

  • Or to keep it in the 70’s style of advertising. “Introducing the Apple II, for when the everyday start to seem mundane!”

  • Arthur Germain

    Apple introduces the “Boss Key” for home computer users. Finally, you can work at home the same way you do at the office!

  • Mark-Rodriguez

    Introducing the Apple II, …thought your life was complicated with gadgets now?