Ethics Statement

We at aNewDomain adhere to the highest editorial ethics requirements

Our journalists follow the guidelines set by the Society of
Professional Journalists

Per those ethical guidelines, our journalists and working tech
professionals aim for the “highest level of honesty, fairness and
courage” while reporting and gathering news, providing reviews and
interpreting news as analysis or commentary.

AND discloses all conflicts of interest – if an editor owns stock in a
company, he or she cannot write about the company. If he or she has
worked or is working at a company, that will be disclosed. We will go
out of our way to disclose – our aspirational goal is 100 percent

We diligently fact check. If we have anonymous or not-for-attribution
sources, we require every reporter confirm a story from an unnamed
source two more times independently. Whenever and wherever possible,
we identify our sources and avoid rumor, unless it is in an identified
“rumor” column.

With sourced and unsourced stories, we actively strive to make sure
the tech companies involved don’t have a hidden agenda to manipulate
our coverage and its readership.

If a story comes to us via a source or a leak, and it we can’t source
it outside, we clearly label it as rumor or speculation. If we decide
a rumor or speculation is important enough to post, it will appear in
a space reserved for only rumors and speculation.

Our opinion (blog) commentary is clearly labeled as such. Opinions of
individual staffers writing commentary do not apply to AND as a whole.
Objectivity is AND’s watchword.

We erect a Chinese wall between sales and editorial. Editors and
contributors are shielded from knowledge of advertising or sales
efforts. If they accidentally learn of them, AND makes sure the
knowledge in no way affects our deep tech and authoritative editorial.

If you have any questions about our stringent ethical editorial
policy or find incidents where you feel we have fallen under the mark,
email or
so we can rectify or clarify the situation.