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There’s a gap in tech media today and we bet you’ve noticed. There’s a dire need for authoritative, trustworthy tech coverage — in coverage that’s deep, yet broad and up-to-the-minute.

That’s why we’re here. We welcome you to aNewDomain.net.

Who’s we?

Mostly we are veterans of teamBYTE, the edit staff who relaunched BYTE. Constrained by its consumerization of IT focus, three dozen of us ventured out after launching that property to start a new domain — led by BYTE’s senior technologist Jerry Pournelle, Joy Ma, Dino Londis, Mac McCarthy, David Street, Chris Miller, editorial director Gina Smith and her partner, John C. Dvorak. And here we are.

We cover tech for people who love tech. We’re here to finish what we started as teamBYTE and deliver the kind of fearless and authoritative tech coverage we know you want.

Check out our Who Are We page: 45 plus and growing editorial staff of writers, editors, columnists, photographers, video bloggers and podcasters. You’ll find former BYTE editors Dino Londis, Eric Mack, Brian Burgess, Marc Canter, Mat Lee and many others on the roster, plus some fresh new faces and voices, including Ant Pruitt and many more.

So hang out and stay awhile. Poke around. You’ll see aNewDomain is about seeing what’s on the horizon, finding the best of the best and what to avoid, and good old fashioned, hard-nosed journalism. What’s old is new again. We’d love to hear from you as we continue to roll out aNewDomain.

Authoritative tech coverage you can trust is back. So glad you’re along for the ride.

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