AKwong: This Week’s Five Funniest YouTube Videos — After I wind down, laugh and procrastinate, I wrap up the five YouTube videos I found funniest this week. Know that these run three to 30 minutes long — and they just might make you forget what you were doing.

First up is the Herp de Derp. We know you know you know herping from derping. I bet we’ve all done it.

Herp de Derp

Video credit: YouTube Channel

From the studio that brought you “Meet the Sandwich” and “Mann vs. Machine” comes a passionate story filled with love, montages and bread. Here’s Expiration Date.

Video credit: HerpdeDerp YouTube Channel

And here’s everything that’s wrong with the worst Transformers movie in the series, arguably. Beware: Heavy use of logic and reasoning ahead.

Video credit: YouTube Channel

Below it’s time for Ray’s Heist! Will he get away with the money or get backstabbed by his crew?

GTA V Ray’s Heist

Video credit: YouTube Channel

Below, join jour giggly friend SeaNanners in another round of Prop Hunt. Will he live to laugh another day? I know you will, now …

I Can Smell You

Video credit: YouTube Channel

For, I’m Alex Kwong.

Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, Alex Kwong, 18, is a writer and manga artist. He searches out and delivers his signature YouTube and Vimeo video roundups for Alex, 18, is a gamer. Find more of his work on DeviantArt.

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  • Ant Pruitt

    SeaNanners is hilarious!

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