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Simple Black-and-White Smartphone Photography

Black-and-white photography is a classic and beautiful art form. Even if shot with a smartphone. This is a great shot captured by Michelle Thorns on her Galaxy S III.

aNewDomain.net — The Smartphone Photographers Community on Google+ continues to amaze me with its wealth of creative ideas and suggestions for smartphone photography enthusiasts. Last week, the community was given an assignment to capture neon lights. Some great shots were submitted.

Moderator Robert Knight decided to step up the community challenge this time around, though. He started a 30-day black-and-white challenge for the month of January. Easy, right? Well, not exactly.

Some amazing compositions are already in — such as this one, from Michelle Thorns.

Smartphone Photographers Community Image credit: Michelle Thorns

Thorns used her Samsung Galaxy S III to grab the photo, and she touched it up in the beloved mobile photo editor Snapseed. I’ve been grabbing shots for the black-and-white challenge, but mine hardly compare to the community submissions, or this one from Thorns.

Votive candles are fascinating from certain points of view, and this particular angle is a winner for me. The deep black captured in the background works well with the candle container, giving it a nice contrast. Next, the few flaws and details of the container stood out for me. The candle wax clinging to the glass, the small seams of the container and the flame and its reflection in the container are captured forever. I truly love this photograph.

If you’re curious about the Smartphone Photographers Community, just shoot me a message on my Google+ page. Our community is semi-private, and we take pride in our membership. We focus on making each member a better smartphone photographer. Tips, tricks and other tools are shared each day throughout the community. Not to mention, amazing photography. Kudos to Michelle Thorns on this recent submission.

I’m Ant Pruitt for aNewDomain.net.

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  • alrui

    Are you guys shooting the pics then converting to B&W in an image editor? I dont see any setting for B&W on my iPhone. I see some apps are available though.

    • Ant Pruitt

      I thought there was a black and white option on the iPhone. If not, install the Snapseed app and there’s a feature to convert to black-and-white. It you can even allow you to adjust the contrast to really get the black to pop!

      -RAP, II

      • alrui

        Thanks Ann! I’ll have to take a closer look and/or get the app.

        • Ant Pruitt

          You’re welcome. And by the way, it’s “Ant”, not “Ann.” ;-)

          -RAP, II

          • alrui

            Whoops! Sorry about that!