TWiT with Leo Laporte: Our Jerry Pournelle Remembers

It’s TWiT with Leo Laporte. This week aNewDomain’s Jerry Pournelle joins Leo, along with Rob Reid and Larry Magid. — It’s This Week in Tech with Leo Laporte, aNewDomain’s Jerry Pournelle, Larry Magid and Rob Reid. This week on TWiT, the guys talk about Facebook and Google shilling, privacy online and Jerry’s earliest experiences about writing on a PC. Bandwidth for This Week in Tech is via Cachefly. As always, download or subscribe to this show at

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  • Ant Pruitt

    i love when Dr. Pournelle is on TWiT!

  • Ryan Hodson

    Why is this on here? If you want TWIT you just go to TWIT?


    Am I the only one that just deletes the podcast as soon as they see Pournelle? If I wanted to hear some crazy old coot ranting, I’d listen to my grandpa talk about Obama.