Trey Ratcliff: Trey’s Variety Hour, Kim Dotcom, Mega, Capture Clip

Gina Smith
Written by Gina Smith

Kim Dotcom joins our Trey Ratcliff on the latest Trey’s Variety Hour. Hilarity ensues …. and helicopters are involved. Great photo talk and a ton of news on Mega. — Kim Dotcom is the special guest on this latest episode of Trey’s Variety Hour, hosted by our globe-trotting photographer Trey Ratcliff. The focus is on Mega Upload, and there’s also a killer talk with inventor Peter Dering about the Kickstarter phenom Capture Clip.

Strangely, Kim and Trey take off in a ‘copter during this show, but remaining panelists and pro photographers Gino Barasa, Karen Hutton, Jay Patel, Varina Patel and Peter Giordano keep the photo talk going. Great show this week.

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