Editing Options, Handy Photo, Video: Point and Shoot with Ant Pruitt

Ant Pruitt and the smartphone photographers community do Point and Shoot, our weekly smartphone photo show. — It’s the latest episode of Point and Shoot with our Ant Pruitt. This week the Smartphone Photographers Community met to discuss the weekly photography challenge — check out Robyn Saunders’ entry, below. We also focus on editing options, video capture and personal interpretation …


Image credit: Robyn Saunders

We also touched on Nik Software’s Snapseed, a product our Mike Olsen has been checking out. And have you tried Handy Photo? This app is a fun and easy way to edit your smartphone photography — on Apple iOS and Android.

What are some of your favorite editing tools? This week Michael King and Marjan Van Esbroeck join Ant on Point and Shoot, syndicated right here on

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  • Mike Sweeney

    VSCO Cam and PhotoFX are two favorites. Some of my favorite shooting apps have some decent editing skills built in such as CP Pro.