Kate Upton, Key & Peele and The Who: the Good, the Bad and the Ugly (roundup) — When you’re talking about the good, the bad and the ugly online, there’s a lot to select from. Here are my picks. And pics. Hang on.

“You have no idea how tough it is being the most-desirable woman on the planet. You do? Okay. We can hang.” — Kate Upton


Kate Upton photo credit: Wikimedia Commons

On Twitter she’s @KateUpton. At this writing, 970,969 people follow her. Maybe you can see why. She is probably the most-written-about and analyzed supermodel in the universe.


Below Kate provides Skullcandy with plenty of promotion. It’s Episode 1 of Take a Supermodel To Work.

Video Source: SkullCandyTV YouTube channel

Now we’re onto the bad. Whatever you do, don’t say the B word. Leave it to these guys. They’re Key & Peele. We’ve just followed up the hottest supermodel with the hottest comedic duo going. (Scroll below the fold for the ugly.)

Video Source: ComedyCentral YouTube channel

For those who understand ugly no explanation is necessary. For those who don’t no explanation is possible. This YouTube clip provides one of the best — and ugliest — performances in rock history.

Video Source: Lubuskie

Long live rock.

For, I’m Tyler Durden.

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  • hendog

    AWESOME! And a great 1978 performance. I won’t get fooled again into thinking there’s anything ugly about that last video Tyler

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