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Hitler on Google Reader: Mock Fuhrer Is Not Happy (parody video)

Gina Smith
Written by Gina Smith

Everyone is freaking out about Google Reader — here’s Hitler on Google Shutdown news. Mock Hitler. But the Fuhrer is echoing what a lot of folks online are saying. Too funny. Adult content. Viewer discretion advised. — The net is freaking out about Google and its planned shutdown of the much-beloved Google Reader. It’ll be dead, Google execs say, on July 1. Watch Hitler on Google Reader shutdown news — the Fuhrer isn’t happy.

Aside from that mock video showing Hitler on Google Reader shutdown news, outrage abounds.There’s even a petition circulating to bring it back. Our Mike Olsen has been explaining to readers and collecting commentary from our community as to why it’s such a tragedy. And he has¬†¬†posted some alternatives to Google Reader that include Feedly, NetVibes, Pulse, Flipboard and, in all likelihood, Digg.

As the Fuhrer would be wont to do, mock Hitler has a few choice words to say about Google Reader. Weirdly, his comments mirror what folks say about Google’s decision to shutter its much-beloved Google Reader.

Video: YouTube Channel, LeeBDough


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