Hitler on Google Reader: Mock Fuhrer Is Not Happy (parody video) — The net is freaking out about Google and its planned shutdown of the much-beloved Google Reader. It’ll be dead, Google execs say, on July 1. Watch Hitler on Google Reader shutdown news — the Fuhrer isn’t happy.

Aside from that mock video showing Hitler on Google Reader shutdown news, outrage abounds.There’s even a petition circulating to bring it back. Our Mike Olsen has been explaining to readers and collecting commentary from our community as to why it’s such a tragedy. And he has  posted some alternatives to Google Reader that include Feedly, NetVibes, Pulse, Flipboard and, in all likelihood, Digg.

As the Fuhrer would be wont to do, mock Hitler has a few choice words to say about Google Reader. Weirdly, his comments mirror what folks say about Google’s decision to shutter its much-beloved Google Reader.

Video: YouTube Channel, LeeBDough


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