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On this week’s TWiT, Jason Hiner, Ryan Shrout, Natali Morris and our co-founder John C. Dvorak join Leo to discuss technopanic, the Sony Playstation 4 … — On This Week in Tech with Leo Laporte — you know it as TWiT with Leo Laporte, our John C. Dvorak joins in with Natali MorrisRyan Shrout and Jason Hiner. They’re talking the Sony PlayStation 4, so-called “democratized journalism,” the phenomenon of technological panic and more. Technopanic isn’t technological or logical. Great show.

Run time:2:15:42

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Editor: Gina Smith and John C. Dvorak, the editorial directors and co-founders of aNewDomain, hold no financial stake in TWiT. John and Gina cohosted On Computers with Leo Laporte, Gina Smith and John C. Dvorak, a national, weekly call-in tech radio show in the 1990s, and Gina authored a book with him in the 1995. Those were for profit but non-related projects.

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