Fido and Facebook: Pets and Social Media (Infographic)

It’s Valentine’s Day and have you showered your pet with treats? Not only is Valentine’s day getting more pet-friendly, but your pet may be more popular than you. Check out the stats of social media in this infographic from

The count for pet cats and dogs alone in the U.S. is 165 million, almost half the population of the United States. Even better, 1 out of 10 pets have a Facebook profile. There are 23 million pet profiles worldwide on Facebook.

Seen those cute pet videos on Youtube? You’re not imagining its proliferation. They are literally procreating like rabbits. The average for cat videos viewed on Youtube is 1 million views per day. Dogs follow with an average of 700 views a day.

Maru the cat now has 285,912 subscribers. CNN has 124,700 subscribers as of this writing.

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